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Exceptional! LC Project Review Sites and New LC Annex!

Law Counsel is proud to offer exceptional project review sites ideally situated in Washington DC. Our LC team and corporate offices are co-located at our HQ site offering constant attention to our partner's project needs. We have expanded our new LC Annex conveniently located near the new City Center and have added to our HQ site offering approximately 15,000 square feet of premier office space.  We offer onsite staffing capacity for over 300 reviewers with the flexibility to use over 25 separate, secure and windowed project areas to match case sizes.  If necessary, we stand ready to seamlessly set-up alternative off-site locations based on the needs of our clients.


Our LC Project Sites and LC Annex are located in the heart of the business district in Washington, DC at 1309 F Street, NW, Suite 400 & Suite 300 and 1100 H Street, NW, Suite 1130 & Suite 650.

The review sites are located within steps to the Metro Center station promoting easy access to all metro lines and convenient and fast travel for contract staff and clients.


Use of our LC Project Site and LC Annex include:

  • Licensed attorneys with document review experience
  • Project Managers available to oversee the project and ensure that the project is running smoothly
  • Robust technology infrastructure including two onsite servers & routers to create secure, separate V-LANS for each review & firewalls for ultimate data protection
  • Private attorney offices for each project site for use by firm
  • 2014 Dell computers loaded with Microsoft Office Suites & Adobe Standard & 24" flat screen monitors
  • Document management tracking system
  • Access cards & ID badges for authorized personnel
  • Visitor badges & visitor logs
  • Surveillance cameras to monitor access and security of site and client data
  • Commercial shredders
  • Printer/copier/fax machine & telephone for each review room
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Fully equipped kitchen including microwave, toaster, coffee/tea, and filtered water
  • Flat screen TV & roof decks to enjoy during breaks
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